Datasheet ADT7516, ADT7517, ADT7519 (Analog Devices)

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DescripciónSPI-/I2C-Compatible, Temperature Sensor, 4-Channel ADC and Quad Voltage Output
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SPI-/I2C-Compatible, Temperature Sensor,. 4-Channel ADC and Quad Voltage Output. ADT7516/ADT7517/ADT7519. FEATURES

Datasheet ADT7516, ADT7517, ADT7519 Analog Devices, Revisión: B

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SPI-/I2C-Compatible, Temperature Sensor, 4-Channel ADC and Quad Voltage Output ADT7516/ADT7517/ADT7519 FEATURES PIN CONFIGURATION ADT7516: four 12-bit DACs VOUT-B 1 16 VOUT-C ADT7517: four 10-bit DACs VOUT-A 2 ADT7516/ 15 VOUT-D ADT7519: four 8-bit DACs VREF-IN 3 ADT7517/ 14 AIN4 Buffered voltage output ADT7519 CS 4 13 SCL/SCLK Guaranteed monotonic by design over all codes TOP VIEW GND 5 12 SDA/DIN (Not to Scale) 10-bit temperature-to-digital converter VDD 6 11 DOUT/ADD D+/AIN1 7 10 INT/INT 10-bit 4-channel ADC
06 -0
DC input bandwidth
88 02
Input range: 0 V to 2.28 V
Figure 1.
Temperature range: −40°C to +120°C GENERAL DESCRIPTION Temperature sensor accuracy: ±0.5°C typ
The ADT7516/ADT7517/ADT75191 combine a 10-bit tempera-
Supply range: 2.7 V to 5.5 V
ture-to-digital converter, a 10-bit 4-channel ADC, and a quad
DAC output range: 0 V to 2 VREF
12-/10-/8-bit DAC, respectively, in a 16-lead QSOP package.
Power-down current: <10 μA
The parts also include a band gap temperature sensor and a
Internal 2.28 VREF option Double-buffered input logic
10-bit ADC to monitor and digitize the temperature reading to
Buffered reference input
a resolution of 0.25°C.
Power-on reset to 0 V DAC output
The ADT7516/ADT7517/ADT7519 operate from a single 2.7 V
Simultaneous update of outputs (LDAC function)
to 5.5 V supply. The input voltage range on the ADC channels is
On-chip, rail-to-rail output buffer amplifier
0 V to 2.28 V, and the input bandwidth is dc. The reference for
SPI®, I2C®, QSPI™, MICROWIRE™, and DSP compatible
the ADC channels is derived internally. The output voltage of
4-wire serial interface
the DAC ranges from 0 V to VDD, with an output voltage settling
SMBus packet error checking (PEC) compatible
time of 7 μs typical.
16-lead QSOP package
The ADT7516/ADT7517/ADT7519 provide two serial interface
options: a 4-wire serial interface that is compatible with SPI, QSPI, MICROWIRE, and DSP interface standards, and a 2-wire
Portable battery-powered instruments
SMBus/I2C interface. They feature a standby mode that is
Personal computers
controlled through the serial interface.
Smart battery chargers Telecommunications systems
The reference for the four DACs is derived either internally or
Electronic text equipment
from a reference pin. The outputs of all DACs can be updated
Domestic appliances
simultaneously using the software LDAC function or the
Process control
external LDAC pin. The ADT7516/ADT7517/ADT7519 incorporate a power-on reset circuit, ensuring that the DAC output powers up to 0 V and remains there until a valid write takes place. The wide supply voltage range, low supply current, and SPI-/ I2C-compatible interface of the ADT7516/ADT7517/ADT7519 make them ideal for a variety of applications, including personal computers, office equipment, and domestic appliances. 1 Protected by U.S. Patent Numbers: 6,169,442; 5,867,012; and 5,764,174.
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Document Outline FEATURES APPLICATIONS PIN CONFIGURATION GENERAL DESCRIPTION TABLE OF CONTENTS REVISION HISTORY SPECIFICATIONS DAC AC CHARACTERISTICS TIMING DIAGRAMS FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS ESD CAUTION PIN CONFIGURATION AND FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTIONS TYPICAL PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS TERMINOLOGY THEORY OF OPERATION POWER-UP CALIBRATION CONVERSION SPEED FUNCTION DESCRIPTION—VOLTAGE OUTPUT Digital-to-Analog Converters Digital-to-Analog Section Resistor String DAC Reference Inputs Output Amplifier Thermal Voltage Output FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION—ANALOG INPUTS Single-Ended Inputs Converter Operation ADC TRANSFER FUNCTION Analog Input ESD Protection AIN Interrupts FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION—MEASUREMENT Temperature Sensor VDD Monitoring On-Chip Reference Round Robin Measurement Single Channel Measurement Temperature Measurement Method Layout Considerations Interrupts ADT7516/ADT7517/ADT7519 REGISTERS Interrupt Status 1 Register (Read-Only) [Address 0x00] Interrupt Status 2 Register (Read-Only) [Address = 0x01] Internal Temperature Value/VDD Value Register LSBs (Read-Only) [Address = 0x03] External Temperature Value and Analog Input 1 to Analog Input 4 Register LSBs (Read-Only) [Address = 0x04] VDD Value Register MSBs (Read-Only) [Address = 0x06] Internal Temperature Value Register MSBs (Read-Only) [Address = 0x07] External Temperature Value or Analog Input AIN1 Register MSBs (Read-Only) [Address = 0x08] AIN2 Register MSBs (Read) [Address = 0x09] AIN3 Register MSBs (Read) [Address = 0x0A] AIN4 Register MSBs (Read) [Address = 0x0B] DAC A Register LSBs (Read/Write) [Address = 0x10] DAC A Register MSBs (Read/Write) [Address = 0x11] DAC B Register LSBs (Read/Write) [Address = 0x12] DAC B Register MSBs (Read/Write) [Address = 0x13] DAC C Register LSBs (Read/Write) [Address = 0x14] DAC C Register MSBs (Read/Write) [Address = 0x15] DAC D Register LSBs (Read/Write) [Address = 0x16] DAC D Register MSBs (Read/Write) [Address = 0x17] Control Configuration 1 Register (Read/Write) [Address = 0x18] Control Configuration 2 Register (Read/Write) [Address = 0x19] Control Configuration 3 Register (Read/Write) [Address = 0x1A] DAC Configuration Register (Read/Write) [Address = 0x1B] LDAC Configuration Register (Write-Only)[Address = 0x1C] Interrupt Mask 1 Register (Read/Write) [Address = 0x1D] Interrupt Mask 2 Register (Read/Write) [Address = 0x1E] Internal Temperature Offset Register (Read/Write) [Address = 0x1F] External Temperature Offset Register (Read/Write) [Address = 0x20] Internal Analog Temperature Offset Register (Read/Write) [Address = 0x21] External Analog Temperature Offset Register (Read/Write) [Address = 0x22] VDD VHIGH Limit Register (Read/Write) [Address = 0x23] VDD VLOW Limit Register (Read/Write) [Address = 0x24] Internal THIGH Limit Register (Read/Write) [Address = 0x25] Internal TLOW Limit Register (Read/Write) [Address = 0x26] External THIGH/AIN1 VHIGH Limit Register (Read/Write) [Address = 0x27] External TLOW/AIN1 VLOW Limit Register (Read/Write) [Address = 0x28] AIN2 VHIGH Limit Register (Read/Write) [Address = 0x2B] AIN2 VLOW Limit Register (Read/Write) [Address = 0x2C] AIN3 VHIGH Limit Register (Read/Write) [Address = 0x2D] AIN3 VLOW Limit Register (Read/Write) [Address = 0x2E] AIN4 VHIGH Limit Register (Read/Write) [Address = 0x2F] AIN4 VLOW Limit Register (Read/Write) [Address = 0x30] Device ID Register (Read-Only) [Address = 0x4D] Manufacturer’s ID Register (Read-Only) [Address = 0x4E] Silicon Revision Register (Read-Only) [Address = 0x4F] SPI Lock Status Register (Read-Only) [Address = 0x7F] SERIAL INTERFACE Serial Interface Selection I2C Serial Interface Writing to the ADT7516/ADT7517/ADT7519 Writing to the Address Pointer Register for a Subsequent Read Writing Data to a Register Reading Data from the ADT7516/ADT7517/ADT7519 SPI Serial Interface Write Operation Read Operation SMBus/SPI INT/ SMBUS ALERT RESPONSE OUTLINE DIMENSIONS ORDERING GUIDE