Datasheet NV6125 (Navitas Semiconductor)

FabricanteNavitas Semiconductor
Descripción650 V GaNFast Power IC
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NV6125. 650 V GaNFast™ Power IC. 2. Description. QFN 6 x 8 mm. Simplified schematic. 1. Features. GaNFast™ Power IC

Datasheet NV6125 Navitas Semiconductor

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NV6125 NV6125 650 V GaNFast™ Power IC 2. Description
The NV6125 is a thermally enhanced version of the popular NV6115 650 V GaNFast™ power IC, optimized for high-frequency and soft-switching topologies. Monolithic integration of FET, drive and logic creates an easy-to-use ‘digital-in, power-out’ high-performance powertrain building block, enabling designers to create the fastest, smallest, most efficient integrated
QFN 6 x 8 mm Simplified schematic
powertrain in the world. The highest dV/dt immunity, high-speed integrated drive and industry-standard low-profile, low-inductance, 6 x 8 mm SMT QFN package allow designers to exploit
1. Features
Navitas GaN technology with simple, quick, dependable
GaNFast™ Power IC
solutions for breakthrough power density and efficiency. • Navitas’ GaNFast™ Thermally enhanced version of NV6115 power ICs extend the • capabilities of traditional topologies such as flyback, Large cooling pad • half-bridge, resonant, etc. to MHz+ and enable the Enhanced thermals when using CS resistor commercial introduction of breakthrough designs. • Monolithically-integrated gate drive • Wide VCC range (10 to 30 V)
3. Topologies / Applications
• Programmable turn-on dV/dt • 200 V/ns dV/dt immunity • AC-DC, DC-DC, DC-AC • 650 V eMode GaN FET • Buck, boost, half bridge, full bridge • • Active Clamp Flyback, LLC resonant, Class D Low 175 mΩ resistance • Quasi-Resonant Flyback • Zero reverse-recovery charge • Mobile fast-chargers, adapters • 2 MHz operation • Notebook adaptors
Small, low-profile SMT QFN
• LED lighting, solar micro-inverters • 6 x 8 mm footprint, 0.85 mm profile • TV / monitor, wireless power • Minimized package inductance • Server, telecom & networking SMPS
• RoHS, Pb-free, REACH-compliant
4. Typical Application Circuits DCIN(+) DCOUT(+) DCIN(+) D VCC PWM
D VDD 10V to 24V VCC DZ Half
Bridge VDD Driver NV6125 CP S D IC Z
10V to 24V NV6125 CP S DC DC IN(-) DCOUT(-) IN(-) PGND Boost Half-bridge Final Datasheet 1 Rev Nov 21, 2019