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DescripciónPhotovoltaic Isolator Solid-State
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Series PVI5033RPbF. Photovoltaic Isolator. Solid-State. Opto-Isolated MOSFET Gate Driver. Dual-Channel, 5V, 5

Datasheet PVI5033RPbF Infineon, Revisión: 01_00

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Series PVI5033RPbF Photovoltaic Isolator Solid-State Opto-Isolated MOSFET Gate Driver Dual-Channel, 5V, 5
A General Description Features
The PVI5033R Photovoltaic Isolator is a dual- § Monolithic construction channel, opto-isolated driver capable of directly driving § 3,750 V I/O isolation gates of power MOSFETs or IGBTs. It utilizes a RMS § 1,200 V output-to-output isolation monolithic integrated circuit photovoltaic generator of DC § Dual-Channel application flexibility novel construction as its output. The output is controlled by radiation from a GaAlAs light emitting diode (LED) § Solid-State Reliability which is optically isolated from the photovoltaic § UL Recognized and BABT Certified generator. The PVI5033R is ideally suited for applications requiring high-current and/or high voltage switching with optical isolation between the low-level driving circuitry and high-energy or high- voltage load circuits. It can be used for directly driving gates of power MOSFETs. The dual- channel configuration allows its outputs to drive independent discrete power MOSFETs, or be connected in parallel or in series to provide higher-current drive for power MOSFETs or higher-voltage drive for IGBTs. PVI5033R employs a fast turn-off circuitry. PVI5033R Photovoltaic Isolators are packaged in an 8-pin, molded DIP package with either thru-hole or “gull-wing” terminals. It is available in standard plastic shipping tubes or on tape-and-reel. Refer to Part Identification information.
Part Identification Applications
§ÿ ÿ Telecommunications PVI5033RPbF thru-hole §ÿ ÿLoad Distribution PVI5033RSPbF SMT §ÿ ÿIndustrial Controls PVI5033RS-TPbF SMT, Tape and Reel §ÿ ÿ Instrumentation and Measurement §ÿ ÿElectronic Ballast 1 © 2015 International Rectifier Submit Datasheet Feedback April 24, 2015