Datasheet EL2003 (Elantec)

Descripción100MHz Video Line Driver
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EL2003, EL2033. OBSOLETE PRODUCT. NO RECOMMENDED REPLACEMENT. Data Sheet. September 1998, Rev. F. FN7022

Datasheet EL2003 Elantec

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EL2003, EL2033
OBSOLETE PRODUCT NO RECOMMENDED REPLACEMENT Data Sheet September 1998, Rev. F FN7022 contact our Technical Support Center at 1-888-INTERSIL or 100MHz Video Line Driver Features
The EL2003 and EL2033 are general • Differential gain 0.1% purpose monolithic unity gain buffers • Differential phase 0.1° featuring 100MHz, -3dB bandwidth and 4ns small signal rise time. These buffers are capable of • 100mA continuous output current guaranteed delivering a ±100mA current to a resistive load and are • Short circuit protected oscillation free into capacitive loads. In addition, the EL2003 and EL2033 have internal output short circuit current limiting • Wide bandwidth - 100MHz which will protect the devices under both a DC fault condition • High slew rate - 1200V/µs and AC operation with reactive loads. The extremely fast • High input impedance - 2MΩ slew rate of 1200V/µs, wide bandwidth, and high output drive make the EL2003 and EL2033 ideal choices for closed loop • Low quiescent current drain buffer applications with wide band op amps. These same characteristics and excellent DC performance make the
EL2003 and EL2033 excellent choices for open loop • Co-ax cable driver applications such as driving coaxial and twisted pair cables. • Flash converter driver The EL2003 and EL2033 are constructed using Elantec's proprietary dielectric isolation process that produces PNP • Video DAC buffer and NPN transistors with essentially identical AC and DC • Op amp booster characteristics.
EL2003CN 8-Pin PDIP - MDP0031 EL2003CM 20-Pin SOL - MDP0027 EL2033CN 8-Pin PDIP - MDP0031
Pinouts EL2003 EL2003 EL2033 (8-PIN PDIP) (20-PIN SOL) (8-PIN PDIP)
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