Datasheet 2N1651, 2N1652, 2N1653, 2N2285, 2N2286, 2N2287 (Motorola)

DescripciónPNP Germanium power transistor
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2N 1651 thru 2N 1653 (Germanium)

Datasheet 2N1651, 2N1652, 2N1653, 2N2285, 2N2286, 2N2287 Motorola

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2N 1651 thru 2N 1653 (Germanium)
2N2285 thru 2N2287 (Germanium) CASE 161 CASE 3A (TO-41) (TO-3 modified) 2N2285 thru 2N2287 2N1651 thru 2N1653
Collector connected to case PNP Germanium power transistors designed for high-current
switching applications requiring low saturation voltages and fast
switching times in addition to good safe operating area. MAXIMUM RATINGS Symbol Rating 2N1651 2N1652 2N1653
2N2285 2N2286 2N2287 Unit VCEO 30 60 80 Vdc, Collector -Sase Voltage VCS 60 100 120 Vdc Emitter-Sase Voltage VES Collector-Emitter Voltage Collector Current -Continuous IC Sase Current -Continuous IS Total Device DiSSipation@T C =25°C
Derate above 25° C PD Operating and Storage Junction
Temperature Range -T J , Tstg -1.5
5.0 Vdc
Adc -106
1. 25 Watts wic
°c -65 to +110-THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS Characteristic
Thermal Resistance, Junction to Case Symbol Max Unit IiJC 0.8 °C/W FIGURE 1 -SUSTAINING VOLTAGE TEST CIRCUIT
O.25mH IB(off) -+-'R3
R1 = 1.0 Ohm, 20 Watts
RZ =1.5 Ohms, 2.0 Watts R5' IC Adi"st@VCE=VZ A3 = 0.1 Ohm, 1.0%
R4 'S 0.04 Ohm 81: Adjust for IB(on)= ""-:>,-JIoIII'v-