Datasheet 6A05 - 6A10 (MCC)

Descripción6 Amp Rectifier 50 to 1000 Volts
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6A05 THRU 6A10. Features. 6 Amp. Rectifier. 50 to 1000 Volts. Maximum Ratings

Datasheet 6A05 - 6A10 MCC

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6A05 THRU 6A10 Features
• High Current Capability And Low Leakage • Low Forward Voltage Drop • Epoxy Meets UL 94 V-0 Flammability Rating
6 Amp
• Moisture Sensitivity Level 1
• Halogen Free Available Upon Request By Adding Suffix "-HF" • Lead Free Finish/RoHS Compliant (Note1) ("P"Suffix Designates
50 to 1000 Volts
Compliant. See Ordering Information)
Maximum Ratings
• Operating Junction Temperature Range: -55⁰C to +125⁰C R-6 • Storage Temperature Range: -55⁰C to +150⁰C • Maximum Thermal Resistance: 10°C/W Junction to Ambient Maximum MCC Device Recurrent Maximum Maximum DC Part Number Marking Peak Reverse RMS Voltage Blocking D Voltage Voltage 6A05 6A05 50V 35V 50V 6A1 6A1 100V 70V 100V 6A2 6A2 200V 140V 200V 6A4 6A4 400V 280V 400V 6A6 6A6 600V 420V 600V Cathode Mark 6A8 6A8 800V 560V 800V A 6A10 6A10 1000V 700V 1000V
Electrical Characteristics @ 25°C Unless Otherwise Specified
Average Forward B I Current F(AV) 6.0A TA=60⁰C D Peak Forward Surge I Current FSM 400A 8.3ms,Half Sine Maximum I Instantaneous V FM=6.0A; F 0.95V Forward Voltage TJ=25⁰C(Note 2) C Maximum DC Reverse Current At 10μA I TJ=25⁰C; Rated DC Blocking R 100μA TJ=100⁰C Voltage DIMENSIONS Typical Junction DIM INCHES MM NOTE C MIN MAX MIN MAX Capacitance J 150pF Measured at 1.0MHz, VR=4.0V A 0.340 0.360 8.60 9.10 B 0.340 0.360 8.60 9.10 Note :1. High Temperature Solder Exemption Applied, See EU Directive Annex 7a. C 0.048 0.052 1.20 1.32 2. Pulse Test: Pulse Width 300 µsec, Duty Cycle 1% D 1.000 ----- 25.40 ----- Rev.3-1-01012019 1/3 MCCSEMI.COM