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DescripciónSwitch-Mode Power Rectifiers
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Datasheet MUR405, MUR410, MUR415, MUR420, MUR440, MUR460 ON Semiconductor, Revisión: 16

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link to page 3 Switch-Mode Power Rectifiers MUR405, MUR410, MUR415, MUR420, MUR440, MUR460 These state−of−the−art devices are a series designed for use in switching power supplies, inverters and as free wheeling diodes. Features
• Ultrafast 25 ns, 50 ns and 75 ns Recovery Times
• 175°C Operating Junction Temperature
4.0 AMPERES, 50−600 VOLTS
• Low Forward Voltage • Low Leakage Current • High Temperature Glass Passivated Junction • Reverse Voltage to 600 V • Shipped in Plastic Bags, 500 per Bag • Available in Tape and Reel, 1500 per Reel, by Adding a “RLG’’ Suffix to the Part Number • MUR460 available in Fan Fold Ammo Pak, 1000 per Box, by adding a “FFG” suffix to the part number • These are Pb−Free Packages*
Mechanical Characteristics: AXIAL LEAD
• Case: Epoxy, Molded
CASE 267
• Weight: 1.1 Gram (Approximately)
• Finish: All External Surfaces Corrosion Resistant and Terminal Leads are Readily Solderable •
Lead Temperature for Soldering Purposes: 260°C Max. for 10 Seconds • Polarity: Cathode indicated by Polarity Band A MUR 4xx YYWW G G A = Assembly Location MUR4xx = Device Number x = 05, 10, 15, 20, 40, 60 YY = Year WW = Work Week G = Pb−Free Package (Note: Microdot may be in either location)
See detailed ordering and shipping information in the package dimensions section on page 3 of this data sheet. *For additional information on our Pb−Free strategy and soldering details, please download the ON Semiconductor Soldering and Mounting Techniques Reference Manual, SOLDERRM/D. © Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC, 2013
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July, 2020 − Rev. 16 MUR420/D