Datasheet BM2P139TF, BM2P135TF, BM2P137TKF, BM2P129TF (Rohm)

DescripciónPWM type DC/DC converter IC Integrated Switching MOSFET for non-Isolated type
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AC/DC Convertor IC

Datasheet BM2P139TF, BM2P135TF, BM2P137TKF, BM2P129TF Rohm

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AC/DC Convertor IC PWM type DC/DC converter IC Integrated Switching MOSFET for non-Isolated type BM2P139TF/BM2P135TF/BM2P137TKF/BM2P129TF General Basic Specification
The PWM type DC/DC converter for AC/DC provides Power Supply Voltage Operation Range: an optimum system for all products that include an VCC(BM2P13XTF/137TKF): 10.60V to 14.05V electrical outlet. It enables simpler design of a high VCC(BM2P129TF): 8.00V to 12.97V effective converter specializing in non-isolated devices. This series has a built-in HV starter circuit that tolerates 650V/800V, and it contributes to low power DRAIN: to 650V/800V consumption. With a current detection resistor for switching as internal device, it can be designed as ■Normal Operation Current small power supply. Since current mode control is BM2P1X9TF 0.85mA (Typ.) utilized, current is restricted in each cycle and BM2P137TKF 1.20mA (Typ.) excellent performance is demonstrated in bandwidth BM2P135TF 0.95mA (Typ.) and transient response. The switching frequency is ■Burst Operation Current 0.45mA(Typ.) fixed to 100 kHz. A frequency hopping function is also Oscillation Frequency 100kHz(Typ.) on chip, and it contributes to low EMI. In addition, a Operation Temperature Range - 40 oC to +105 oC built-in super junction MOSFET which tolerates MOSFET ON resistor: 4.5Ω,7.5Ω,9.5Ω (Typ.) 650V/800V makes the design easy.
Features Package
PWM frequency: 100kHz SOP8 5.00mm x 6.20mm x 1.71mm pitch 1.27mm PWM current mode method (Typ.) (Typ.) (Max.) (Typ.) Frequency hopping function Burst operation at light load Built-in 650V/800V start circuit Built-in 650V/800V switching MOSFET VCC pin under voltage protection VCC pin over voltage protection Over current limiter function per cycle Soft start function
LED lights, air conditioners, and cleaners, (etc.).
Application circuit
D2 1 8 VCC L 2 GND_IC 7 VOUT 3 6 AC 4 5 Filter Input DRAIN D1 GND

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