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DescripciónSingle-channel isolated gate-driver IC in 150 mil DSO-8 package
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EiceDRIVER™ 1EDBx275F Single-channel isolated gate-driver ICs in 150 mil DSO package. Description. Features

Datasheet 1EDB6275F Infineon, Revisión: 02_01

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EiceDRIVER™ 1EDBx275F Single-channel isolated gate-driver ICs in 150 mil DSO package Description
EiceDRIVER™ 1EDBx275F is a family of single-channel isolated gate-driver ICs, designed to drive Si, SiC and GaN power switches. 1EDBx275F is available in an 8-pin DSO package with 4 mm input-to-output creepage distance; it provides isolation by means of on-chip coreless transformer (CT) technology. With tight timing specifications, 1EDBx275F is designed for fast-switching medium-to-high power systems. Excellent common-mode rejection, low part-to-part skew, fast signal propagation and small package size make 1EDBx275F a superior alternative to high-side driving solutions using optocouplers or pulse transformers.
• Single-channel isolated gate-driver • 45 ns input-to-output propagation delay with excellent accuracy (+4/-6 ns) • Separate low impedance source and sink outputs • Fast clamping of parasitics-induced output overshoots under UVLO conditions • Fast start-up times and fast recovery after supply glitches • Optimized UVLO levels (4 V, 8 V, 12 V, 15 V) for Si, SiC and GaN transistors • High common mode transient immunity (CMTI > 300 V/ns) • Available in 8-pin 150mil DSO package • Fully qualified according JEDEC for industrial grade applications
Isolation and safety certificates
• UL 1577 with VISO = 3000 VRMS
Table 1 EiceDRIVER™ 1EDBx275F Portfolio Part number Peak source / sink current UVLO ON / OFF Isolation certification Package
1EDB7275F 4.2 V / 3.9 V 1EDB8275F 5.4 A / 9.8 A 8.0 V / 7.0 V UL 1577 1EDB6275F (for VDDO = 15 V) 12.2 V / 11.5 V (VISO = 3000 VRMS) PG-DSO-8 1EDB9275F 14.9 V / 14.4 V Controller EiceDRIVER™ 1EDBx275F VDDI VDDO High-side MOSFET VDD VDDI VDDO Rgon PWM IN+ OUT_SRC CVDDI CVDDO IN- OUT_SNK Rgoff GND GNDI GNDO Input-to-output isolation
Figure 1 Typical application
Final Data Sheet Please read the Important Notice and Warnings at the end of this document Rev. 2.1
2021-04-21 Document Outline Description Table of Contents 1 Pin configuration and description 2 Functional description 2.1 Block diagram 2.2 Power supply and Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO) 2.2.1 Input supply voltage 2.2.2 Output supply voltage 2.2.3 Input stage 2.3 Driver output 2.4 Output active clamping 2.5 CT communication and input to output data transmission 3 Electrical characteristics and parameters 3.1 Absolute maximum ratings 3.2 Thermal characteristics 3.3 Operating range 3.4 Electrical characteristics 3.5 Isolation specifications 4 Timing diagrams 5 Layout recommendation 6 Application notes 6.1 Driving 600 V CoolGaNTM 6.2 Driving 650 V CoolSiCTM 7 Typical characteristics 8 Package outline dimensions 8.1 Device numbers and markings 8.2 Package PG-DSO-8 Revision history